It’s time for the holding-a-warm-something knitting photo.

woman, sweater, scarf, coffee.jpg

Llama vs alpaca.

I hate doing embroidery, but this makes me want to do it.

Hatmakers! This will come in handy!

Fabulous footstools.

More crafty furniture.


Four little words to make me yours.


I second this.


Crafty Minotaur.

A knit for those of us with too many projects OTN to cast on a Shift shawl or sweater or cowl.

Idea: match your shawl to your yoke.

For Harry Potter fans.

We have cake!

We have QR codes!

Kym, this one is for you!


Green = hover text

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5 Responses to It’s time for the holding-a-warm-something knitting photo.

  1. gayle says:

    I was clicking through the Shift links, thinking “oh, that’s nice” – and then I came to that cowl. Oh, my, that cowl! Wants to make it, I does!
    (And as always, thanks for all the rabbit holes! I didn’t want to accomplish anything this morning anyway…)

  2. #1 Alpaca vs llama. Very very interesting!

    #2 I had to sent the link to the embroidery to Kim the professor!!!!

  3. I have a friend whose family has an alpaca herd. I got to go watch them shear the herd once, it was really neat. (And the alpacas were adorable.)

    That is lovely embroidery! I don’t like doing it either — if I’m going to do anything similar, it will be cross stitch. That’s really neat, though.

    And the cake is pretty, but probably not very tasty. (I love my knitting, but I love my desserts too… and the two don’t usually mix well.)

  4. kimsdee says:

    The color of the scarf in the holding something warm photo is glorious.

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