Timing the links.

timing chain.jpg

“Somedays, all you will accomplish is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, and there’s a plant somewhere nearby that appreciates your efforts.”

Pity the medical person who has to ask this question.

Does Finland exist? Discuss.

Volcano toast.

Bread art.

Nature and geology are gorgeous.

Fat people are not dying fast enough.

You may very well have read this before, but it is too good not to repost.


Door-knocking Mormons.

Let’s punch up our writingvia martinimade.com 

Dogs and marshmallows.

“Enjoy a little restoration of your faith in humanity.”


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5 Responses to Timing the links.

  1. Kat says:

    Loved the links… but that last one! 😥

  2. Im sharing with every medical person i know!!
    and I lOVE asking the Mormons in. I tell them they always show up when someone I love is dying……its TRUE! I ruined it for them and didn’t even know it@ LOL

  3. Helen says:

    I love your links. Some I catch during the week, but you always have a bunch I haven’t seen. Thanks.

  4. gayle says:

    Love all your links, but that first one is a treasure.

  5. That first link is awesome. I really needed that today.

    Also… crickets! I hadn’t seen that before, so thank you for sharing! I could see myself accidentally letting a cricket explosion loose on the house, too.

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