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Chains Links hold us together.

“If you want to know what fascist propaganda is…this is it. Stop looking for other signs.” Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 On ducks and rows.

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Fotography Friday.

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The rusty links of autumn.

What to do with your pussyhat if you don’t wear it anymore. Who else loved Miss Fisher? Related: Murder. Regret. Tennis.. Yum! Asking for help is the first thing we do. This is for all you tea-drinkers out there. Well … Continue reading

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Fotography Friday.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 9/18/19.

I am having the best time knitting this Boxy. The garter stitch border took roughly forever, but now that I am in the acres-of-stockinette portion, it is nothing but mindless relaxing fun. After arranging all the cakes of red fingering … Continue reading

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More yarn, please.

Festive! Rainbow! “Honey, I can do this one-handed.”   Related. One badass knitter.

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Last parade of the season!

Remember back in January 2018 when there was a special election for a state senate seat in Wisconsin? And remember how when the Democrat candidate won, it made the national news and started the murmurs about a Blue Wave? The … Continue reading

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Links come in colors.

Floss. Eat your vegies. Go for a walk. Keep dementia at bay. PSA regarding tipping at a Barnes & Noble cafe. Tigers. Exploding food. Worm charming, a sport I had not heard of. Other sports I had not heard of: … Continue reading

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End-of-summer links for those of you whose school starts later than the rest of us.

“Roses are red…” The Four Horsewomen of the Trumpocalypse. Balance: s/he’s got it. Secret sky balls of happiness. Demonic catz. “Come on down here, we’re going to stop this train.” Terrible things are happening. PSA for anyone with wrist pain. … Continue reading

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Photography Phriday.

Bookstore window, Stillwater MN; August 2019.

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