A couple years ago I went to the 50th reunion of my class. Not my high school class; we left the village pictured before in the summer before my tenth grade year. Before the actual reunion Smokey and I drove around.


The outbuildings on the farm where we lived until I was ten. My great-grandfather bought the farm from the original homesteader. My grandfather and his ten (10!) siblings grew up here. When GGF died, my dad took over the farm. From left: corn crib, hog house, and granary; obviously long out of use.




Originally, this was the carpentry/machine shop building. When we lived on the farm it was the pelting shed. (Dad was a mink rancher.) Local women did the skinning and scraping; the jobs were a welcome source of extra income right before Christmas every year.


Where the barn once stood. The half-mile driveway is in front of the cornfield on the left.


The house where we lived after we moved off the farm but before moving to northern MN. The trees were small then, giving no shade at all to the house. It was quite a shock to see them so big.


The playground and entrance to my old grade school.


Parade down Main Street, probably mid-1950s. A few years later and my trombone and I would have been marching in the front row. 


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6 Responses to Reminiscing.

  1. gayle says:

    Okay, trying to picture you playing a trombone. This may take a while…

  2. Andy H says:

    Great family history.


  3. Kim Dean says:

    Terrific pictures and memories.

  4. Oh the buildings are beautiful still. How fun to see the trees have survived and thrived

  5. Kat says:

    I am with Gayle… but what fantastic pictures! What an amazing place to live!

  6. You played trombone? Awesome! I’ve been a marching band junkie all my life, but never played in one.

    Also: bunny!

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