Winter is coming. Where are your sweaters?



An interesting ribbing stitch.

Want to knit a nest for a good cause? (Crocheted nests are okay, too.)

Topological programmable materials“, i.e., knitting and crocheting.

More science: conductive crochet allows typing in mid-air.

Finally a use for all those old campaign t-shirts I have lying around.


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4 Responses to Winter is coming. Where are your sweaters?

  1. gayle says:

    I loved ‘topological programmable materials’ where floofy is a technical term!

  2. I have lots of emotional support yarn. 🙂 Also: winter is coming and my sweater* is still on the needles. Must knit faster.

    * (yes, I have other sweaters, but this is the one I want to wear)

  3. I have always thought i would make a nest, but never have……..

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