Saturday links return. Assuming no more hellstorms.

chains hold us together.jpg

Chains and links hold us together.

Always think of the resume.

For you Francophiles and Francophobes.

Just brush your teeth.

Yarn art.

That is not up to code.

A simple request.

“Science is rational, scientists are human.”

Beautiful birds.

How to eat healthy and cheap.

Links from Chris: 1  2

The large oak tree protects tree protects the little birds.

MN is bee-friendly!

Green = hover text in the link.

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7 Responses to Saturday links return. Assuming no more hellstorms.

  1. KSD says:

    There are always fascinating things in your links, but today is chock full!

  2. Kat says:

    Not up to code… hahahahahahahahahaha!

    And, GO MN!

  3. gayle says:

    Those birds are amazing!
    And still chuckling over “not up to code”

  4. Ann in NJ says:

    Oh, Monica. I am glad you can laugh about it now.
    (As a sturdy lady oak tree myself, I appreciate the 2nd to last link)

    Your links are always entertaining, but you’ve outdone yourself this week.


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