Iceland photos.

iceland gate a45

icelnad puffin kronur

The Reykjavik airport, where there is an extremely large puffin bursting through the ceiling. 

iceland andrew amanda

An Icelandic selfie.

iceland tractor

iceland breaking thru

They visited the Museum of Sorcery, as one does.

iceland necropants

“…some weird things from the Icelandic Museum of Sorcery. Apparently, if you skin a dead man from the waist down, and you had his permission before he died, and you wear this skin as “necropants,” and then you steal a coin from a poor widow (but it has to be stolen on Christmas, Easter, or Whitsunday), and you put that coin in the dead man’s scrotum, then there will always be a coin there when you need one, and you can be rich. But don’t die while wearing the necropants, or very bad things happen to you.” My son, the indefatigable fact-gatherer. 

Elder Son and GF called this afternoon. We all had a good time talking about how the spells for raising the dead that he learned at the museum could be extremely useful in his professional life as a physician. Smokey suggested that perhaps the time he spent learning them could count as as continuing professional education. ES commented that the spell was an opportunity for do-over, something that is rare in medicine.

Yes, we do all have a rather warped sense of humor ’round here…

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6 Responses to Iceland photos.

  1. Carole Julius says:

    Hannah returns from Iceland today. I’m willing to be they didn’t visit this museum, though, and this will now give her an excuse to go back!

  2. Kat says:

    I love this do over idea! And, it looks like they had a wonderful time !

  3. gayle says:

    (S’cuse me. Adding a museum to my bucket list.)
    Your son really can bring a vacation alive! (Or maybe not so alive…)

  4. Andrew Ellis Howarth says:

    Why yes. Another useful skill I never learned. Nice shots. Andy

  5. Kym says:


  6. The museum of sorcery sounds amusing! But… not the necropants. Eeew.

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