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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/31/19.

Hatz! We have hatz! I lost my momentum on my Fairfield sweater when the maths kept frustrating me, so I started a blue hat for the Hat Not Hate campaign sponsored by Lion Brand yarn. I think it is the … Continue reading

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Iceland photos.

Elder Son and GF called this afternoon. We all had a good time talking about how the spells for raising the dead that he learned at the museum could be extremely useful in his professional life as a physician. Smokey … Continue reading

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The hits just keep on a’comin’.

Another storm rolled through this afternoon, not nearly as severe here as the one last weekend. We had very heavy rain but no strong winds nor hail. But the power went out about 6:00 p.m., so we went into town … Continue reading

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Elder Son goes to Iceland.

Elder Son and GF are going to Iceland for a two-week vacation. He has kept us in the loop as he made the arrangements over the past few months. “We ended up getting a 4-wheel drive, automatic transmission, compact SUV.  … Continue reading

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Storm update, day 6.

As you know, our power was restored on Tuesday afternoon (and there was great rejoicing!) But there are still nearly 1,000 people in the county without power. ica tornado touchdown near them. She and her husband had been watching the … Continue reading

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Storm update, day 5.

From our utility company’s Facebook page: “TUES, JULY 23, 9:30A.M. STORM RESTORATION UPDATE: 1,800+ MEMBERS OUT OF POWER. 7,200 restored since Friday night. More help today: Crews from SEVEN neighboring co-ops plus contractors with expertise in tree clearing, underground and … Continue reading

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Storm update, day 4.

This video was posted by my friend Jeff, who was hit hard by the storm. After a gang of friends with chain saws had cleared his driveway, he made the video driving along the road he lives on. We are … Continue reading

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Settle back. This is a long post.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen some these photos and commentary already. But there has been too much going on the past few days not to memorialize it in a blog post. Here goes. The weather was … Continue reading

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More links for summer.

Teach a man to fish… For fans of British TV. Lion King: the real story. The catch-22 of poverty. Professional eating goats. No humor here, just a delightful-sounding summer cocktail. Opinion from a Midwestern girl woman. Something we all should … Continue reading

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Yarny ol’ links.

It’s art, buddy! Granny ripple stitch afghan. Not knitting, but important. Word.

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