Want some links? I have some right here.

Links rusted

Tailorbird. More bird stuff. And a little more.

Opossum stuff.

Anybody else catch this egregious error in Call the Midwife?

BS detection education.

Time travel.

Want more links? Go visit Chris and Chaos.

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4 Responses to Want some links? I have some right here.

  1. Kat says:

    except, some of those images have garter knitting around the edges of the granny squares.

  2. Love the opossum stuff

  3. k says:

    Thank you for leading me to Stumbling over Chaos. I have a fan-fic in my head about her/him. Very magical life. And I appreciate how she just goes and does art.
    And TOTALLY unrelatedly, I need the bullshit detector class, for my trips to doctors. So much BX.

  4. Nicole says:

    Wow, tailorbirds are cool! I didn’t know about them before.

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