Timing the links.

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Some good news about climate change.

“Not in Hebrew it doesn’t!”

Wisdom teeth vs. charisma teeth.

Keeping the tigers motivated.

How to reduce the suicide rate. More.

Why I cannot finish my assignment on time.

Bill Nye has an important message on climate change.

Motivational backgrounds.

Useful primer on how to buy a car.

It‘s a two-fer!

Elizabeth Warren has a plan.

It’s gardening time! Bottle gardening. Jar gardening. String gardening. Mushroom gardening.

Togo and Balto.

Little brother wins.

On the difference between appropriation and appreciation.

For Harry Potter fans.

Women’s rage: a reading list. More on the subject. The rules. links via martinimade.com

Chris’s links.


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4 Responses to Timing the links.

  1. gayle says:

    Bill Nye has always been my hero!

  2. Ecosia sounds great. I needed happy news on recycling, replanting etc.
    Bill NYE! The science guy! Love him.

  3. Nicole says:

    I saw the Bill Nye clip on Last Week Tonight (they did a whole segment on climate change and Bill Nye did these segments throughout). Still awesome, though.

    And I love the 8th Generation stuff. Really cool art. I’m going to do some of my Christmas shopping there, I think. So pretty.

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