Swingin’ links.

swing on chains.jpg

Use that corporate spyware to your advantage.

Sweet story.

It is haunted. Or cursed. Your choice, really.

Jellyfish in space.

They reversed climate change.

Karl, the deaf therapy dog.

Shout-out to Carlos.

“…similar skill sets and wildly different philosophies.”

Couple comments on the current state of the nation.


“They say you should never meet your heroes, yet here I am at half past four in the morning, holding a taser and zip tie handcuffs.”

More birds.

ADHD blog. More on ADHD.

I have been remiss in linking to Chris‘s linkety.

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1 Response to Swingin’ links.

  1. marijo1951 says:

    Thank you for an inspiring selection of links, especially Francine Christophe’s account of her experiences and the story of the re-afforestation in Brazil. To learn about the efforts of this couple is very encouraging as it’s sometimes hard to be optimistic about correcting the mistakes of the past, our devastation of nature has been so immense throughout the world.

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