Three on Thursday, the how-I-knit edition.


I always have trouble coming up with a topic for my three things. Today I will tell you three things about how I knit.

  1. When knitting flat stockinette or any kind of ribbing, I use Annie Modesitt’s combination method. My flat stockinette is cursed with slight rowing-out, which is cured — hurrah! — by her combination method.  My ribbing tends to have a larger gap between a knit stitch and the following purl stitch than between a purl and following knit. This gap thing has bugged me ever since I knit my second sweater — an Aran knit! I had no idea it was supposed to be hard, so I just did it — back in 1968. I was delighted to discover Annie’s method some 40+ years later.
  2. I was a monogamous knitter for decades, until I encountered on knitting blogs the concept of multiple WIPs. This discovery may possibly have led to a mini-plethora* of UFOs in my life. But having a choice of what to knit is a benefit, I think, although I seldom work on more than two things concurrently: a portable project like socks or a hat or a scarf and a larger, perhaps more demanding, project to work on at home. As you saw in yesterday’s post, my current large project is my Fairfield-ish sweater and the portable one is a hat. There is a skein of yarn arriving in the mail today — what yarn fast? — that will become another hat for the anti-bullying project.
  3. I knit exclusively on circs. Thus, I have four sets of interchangeable needles and a 3-ring binder of individual circ with multiples of all, especially in the US#4 to US#7 range. This all adds up to at least 50 needles, but how horrible is it to be all hot to cast on a project, only to discover that the only appropriate needle in one’s possession is in another WIP (see #2, above)?

    The interchangeables are a Boye set I purchased in about 1983; their cables are stiffer than the cables on newer needles, so I almost never use them any more. I have a Denise set from the late 2000s that I quit using when the  cable pulled out of the tip just after I joined the sleeves to the body on a bottom-up seamless yoke for the Dulaan project. It so annoyed me to have to pick up 100+ stitches, plus having to deal with tips even blunter than those of Addi Turbos, that I put them on a shelf and never picked them up again. My go-to needles are a Knitter’s Pride bamboo set and an extensive Knit Picks Options set that live next to my knitting chair. I have added more tips and cables to the Options set over the years, so it is a set with real depth in terms of options (see what I did there?) I particularly like the Options (and related Caspian and Rainbow) for anything with lots of k2tog because of their sharp tips. The needles in the 3-ring binder, which also lives next to my knitting chair, are largely Addi Turbos, plus a few Signature circs, a few Knitter’s Pride Karbonz circs, and a few unidentified circs. Addi Turbos are good for splitty yarns, and Signatures have lovely sharp tips, even on the mediums.
    I see on other knitting blogs that people are very fond of their Hiya Hiya and ChiaGoo needles. My sock needles are Hiya Hiyas US#2.5 and US#4 and I like them very much, but I really do not need to expand my needle collection. Unless there is an emergency, like the time I left my knitting on dining room table when we went on a 5-day camping trip to the North Shore. Yarn Harbor in Duluth came to the rescue with yarn and those Hiya Hiyas.

    I will never lack the needle for a new project.



* I always look for the opportunity to use the word “plethora”. A mini-plethora may be oxymoronic, but it perfectly describes the state of my UFO pile.

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6 Responses to Three on Thursday, the how-I-knit edition.

  1. Kat says:

    I prefer circs as well (although if I am knitting a sock, I want dpns versus every other method)

  2. gayle says:

    I’m a circs fan, too. I’ve been slowly building a collection of ChiaGoo needles because I love their cables – very flexible with no stiffness. I jrecently bought a KnitPicks Options starter set, but haven’t used it yet, so have no data. I keep my circs stored in an accordion file meant for paperwork. (Well, truthfully I keep them stored in UFO’s, but the file is available if they’re ever freed.)

  3. Rhonda says:

    You can get an adapter that will let you use ChaiGoo cables with your Boye needles. I think amazon has them and ChaiGoo.

  4. Kym says:

    I’m a big fan of Knitter’s Pride Dreamz (why the z, Knitter’s Pride????), and have been building my inventory for a few years now. I’ve pretty much got all my bases covered now. I also have a fairly extensive collection of Options, and I use them in a pinch — but prefer the Dreamz (except for that damn z). I also like DPNs for socks and sleeves and the occasional tiny toy-thing. (I am almost exclusively a monogamous knitter. If I weren’t, I’d never get anything finished. . . ) XO

  5. Nicole says:

    I love my ChiaGoo needles! Especially the lace tips. They’re my go-to sock needles. I tend to knit socks on two circs the most often these days, and they’re perfect for that (for me).

    I can’t remember the last time I was a monogamous knitter. 😉

  6. I only knit with lace tips when i’m using lace! I don’t do much lace but I think they are most important when I do.

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