Three on Thursday.


Kat’s Rules For Living.

  1. Tip generously, especially breakfast waitresses. Wait staffs work very hard, must endure crabby customers who haven’t had their coffee yet, and sometimes be sexually harassed. That extra buck or three many not mean much to you but it may mean a lot to them. Breakfast waitresses work just as hard as lunch and dinner wait staff but, because breakfast check are typically smaller, get less $tip$. Overtip breakfast waitresses. Always.
  2. Always vote in favor of school bond issues. Always. Schools are perpetually underfunded. Teachers and students deserve good working and learning conditions. Just because you and I may not have kids in school doesn’t mean we don’t benefit from a well-educated population — those are the people that will be paying for our Social Security. Always vote for school bond issues. Always.
  3. Never walk with your hands in your pockets outdoors in the winter. You need those hands to break your fall when you inevitably slip on the black ice. This one was from my dad many years ago.

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12 Responses to Three on Thursday.

  1. Carole Julius says:

    YES to all three of these! Great rules for living a good life, my friend.

  2. Kym says:

    VERY good rules for living! XO

  3. Kat says:

    Yes! Absolutely YES! (Especially #1 because I was a breakfast waitress for a good number of years!!)

  4. gayle says:

    All excellent rules! (Speaking as someone who waitressed for many many years, is on SS, and took a terrible fall one winter while walking with pocketed hands.)
    My mother’s #1 rule for living was ‘Never pass up a bathroom. You don’t know when the next one will come along.’

  5. Patty says:

    Excellent advice! The pocket one is invaluable!

  6. readknit says:

    Words of wisdom! My grandfather used to tell me #3 and it has saved me several times.

  7. Diane Nelson says:

    Great words to live by and something everyone is able to do, every day, except thankfully we don’t have to walk with our pockets any more for a while here in Wisconsin

  8. Juliann says:

    Words of wisdom and now I am thinking about pancakes.

  9. Vera says:

    Excellent rules!!!

  10. Geri says:

    I must admit I was first pumping as I read the first two things as I totally agree. Then came your father’s words of wisdom regarding a winter walk and I simply nodded “Wise man.”

  11. Julia in K W says:

    Excellent Three on Thursday items…sometimes even if your hands aren’t in your pockets you still can’t save yourself, but you at least have a better chance!

  12. Oh i hate slipping on the ice!!!

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