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Fake news & media literacy.

If you live anywhere near me, you may want to attend this forum. Our local League is doing great stuff!

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Cake for yarn. Yarn for cake. Totally your call.

A poem about coats. Younger Son would have loved to have one of these. Looking for an easy charity project? Hat Not Hate. Orange FTW!  

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A Kat™ led astray: a cautionary tale of temptation and madness.

Say, that is one heckava dramatic blog post title, doncha think? Ahem. As you may know, Mason-Dixon Knitting started their 2019 March Mayhem competition on Friday. Head over to that link if you are not familiar with this phenomenon. In brief, … Continue reading

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Link it up, little man.

A story about Kat. Not me. Notice the lack of ™. Vampire cat. Woolly sheep cat. Fruit punch? Srsly? Be nice. The importance of seeing heroes that look like you. The Iliad in a nutshell. Links from Chris. For the … Continue reading

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Fotography Friday. Join the fun.

You are cordially invited to link your own Fotography Friday blog post below.  You are invited to the Inlinkz link party! Click here to enter

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Three on Thursday, the pi day edition.

March 14 is Pi Day — 3/14, get it? Below we have three fun facts about pi, the mathematical constant that is 3.14 and equals to any circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. What is Pi Day? Seven interesting facts … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 3/13/19.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Remember last week I said I had knit another scarf but didn’t have any photos of it? Now I do. Yarn: Noro Shiraito, a super soft blend of cashmere, angora, and wool in … Continue reading

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Sweater-y links.

Every knitter needs a helper. Homicide Kniticide. Yarn-bombed photos.  

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Learn to hunt for food.

This was in today’s email. Given the sheer numbers of wild turkeys around here, I think that encouraging a bit of hunting may be a good idea. However, I also think in a course aimed at those “…with or little … Continue reading

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Three links. Or more.

Oopsies. Labrodorite: the Best and Coolest Rock. Move vs. ballet. The Cone Of Shame, reimagined via Be like Jeremiah.

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