Timing the links.

timing chain.jpg

If you attempt to speak another’s language, better know exactly what you are saying.

How to art: crosshatching.

Lego-like surfaces under our feet.

Not that I would ever do this.

So, I did this and the first 10-1/2 pages of the Google search were all about the same event, wherein four black men were pardoned posthumously in January 2019, having been falsely convicted of rape in 1949.

“Keep up the good work, y’all!”

Whatever you do, don’t mess with swans.*

Links from Chris and Chaos.


* Which gives me an excuse opportunity to post the photo I took on Thursday of two swans on our lake, presumably on their way farther north.

P1020286 2.jpg

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5 Responses to Timing the links.

  1. Kat says:

    I laughed at the you are the husband tweet! And, crosshatching… mind-blown!

  2. gayle says:

    Penguins and swans! Love them both!

  3. k says:

    The flowage isn’t as open as I expect it to be for the swans, but with temps in the 50’s it should be this week. I’d better put binoculars in the car.
    I swear that crosshatching link makes it sound so zen-like. I am not zen-like.

  4. Nicole says:

    Great links! And yes… don’t mess with swans!

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