Unraveled Wednesday, 3/13/19.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.

Remember last week I said I had knit another scarf but didn’t have any photos of it?

Now I do.


Not blocked yet.

Yarn: Noro Shiraito, a super soft blend of cashmere, angora, and wool in Parakeet; 2 skeins/395 yds.
Needles: US#6.
Pattern: My own super simple improvised one.

When I started this I wasn’t sure whether I would keep it or put it in the silent auction in May. When I finished I knew I would keep it because it has that rare quality of not making my neck itch. Score!

Speaking of not making my neck itch, the Knit Picks City Tweed DK is also lovely soft*.


Progress on Fairfield: sleeves are roughly half done.

I remember now that I enjoyed knitting this pattern that first time: it is the perfect blend of mindless stockinette with just the right amount of cabling to be interesting. Unlike the first go, I changed up the cables this time by eliminating the lacy bits inside them and making them simple mirrored 2-stitch rope cables. At least, that is what I did on the sleeves. Cable patterning on the fronts and back TBD but similar. Also unlike the first time, I am marking every sleeve increase with a stitch marker (not visible in the photo). It was screwing up the sleeve increases the first time that provoked me to frog the whole thing; also, I was unsure if I would have enough yarn. I have lots — and lots! — of the City Tweed DK.

So far this is a totally pleasant knit. Two potential problem on the far horizon, though. I might prefer that the sweater be a v-neck rather than a crew neck. Pretty sure I can modify the pattern to accomplish that, just need some diagrams and some maths and some thought. The other possible snag is being sure the sweater will fit when I sew it all together. That is always the bugaboo with sweaters knit in pieces, isn’t it? Difficult to tell how it will fit. I have a dress form, but it doesn’t help with the hips; I have not figured out how to pad them out to duplicate my Hips Of Substance™. Once again, some maths and some thought when I start the fronts and back should take care of the fit.

35959740I finished Circe last night. Greek mythology has always been a favorite, especially after I took a classics course in college. We read Robert Graves’ monumental Greek Myths plus all 36 Greek tragedies in the class. In high school my AP English course read The Odyssey and I read The Aeneid; I have seen at least one Greek tragedy at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Given all this, it was no wonder that I thoroughly enjoyed Circe. Highly recommend!

In the car I listened to a couple Audible originals: Strong Ending; From Combat to Comedy and Have a Nice Day. The first was a nonfiction piece about veterans doing standup comedy as a healing mechanism, the second a comedic play about knowing death is coming. They were both nice quick listens, <2 hours. Next up is 34217513Montaigne in Barn Boots by Michael Perry, narrated by the author. Perry is practically a neighbor, being from and still living in northern Wisconsin. I have at least two other Audible audiobooks in my library that I haven’t listened to yet; that book about the Chinese Opium War really slowed me down.

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7 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday, 3/13/19.

  1. Kym says:

    I loved Circe so much. XO
    I have a sweater that I knit several years ago in City Tweed. (Amazingly, it’s a sweater I knit that I kept . . . and wear quite often.) I love the yarn! It was a pleasure to knit with, and it’s held up really well over time (no pilling! huge plus!). Your sweater will be wonderful. 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    You make me wish that Circe will be available sooner (It is a long wait list!!)

    And, I love that scarf! I have some fun skeins of Noro – that might be the perfect use for them! And, your sweater!! LOVE!

  3. readknit says:

    I love everything about that Knit Picks City Tweed DK – the color, the tweedy bits, and its soft appearance. That is going to be a wonderful sweater!

  4. Love your City Tweed color! I’m so frustrated, I thought I had a whole bin of City Tweed and now that I want to knit with it, I can’t find it. How did I loose an entire bin of yarn??
    Your garter scarf is lovely btw. Glad it doesn’t itch.

  5. A soft noro!!!! Im in. Love your colors

  6. gayle says:

    Love that Fairfield – cables, color, and all!
    I just finished listening to Montaigne in Barn Boots (read by the author) and loved the hell out of it. And now I find I’m interested in reading Montaigne, where I certainly wasn’t before…
    I’m on a waiting list for Circe, and am looking forward to it – I really liked The Song of Achilles. (another audiobook! I do dearly love audiobooks!)

  7. Nicole says:

    That sweater looks awesome! And I love the scarf. A Noro yarn that doesn’t make you itch? Sign me up!

    I have many more than 2 un-listened to Audible books. Um. Oops?

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