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Knowledge in chain [links].

“Can’t run fast enough to be a serial killer…” Something for the owls out there. It is as exciting as watching bread rise. More on the subject. Sen. Mike Gravel is running in the Democratic primaries Obituary.

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Fotography Friday, 3/29/19.

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Three on Thursday.

This week I am going to share three blogs with you. They are blogs that may not post too often but which are highly entertaining when they do. The first two may feature knitting, the third one not. Enjoy! Neglecting … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 3/27/19.

It turns out that I am using the Fairfield pattern strictly for the stitch counts and overall construction. The stitch pattern/cables? Entirely my own design, with some help from Barbara Walker. The sleeve cables were impromptu, but I knew I … Continue reading

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Not much longer for these knits.

Do I need another mitered square afghan? Knitted suit. Anybody else got a cat that claws the furniture?     Green = hover text under the link.

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Someone, wish I could remember who, said that life was just one damned thing after another. Another said that life is made up of all the moments in all the days. My mother told me never to expect any big … Continue reading

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Timing the links.

If you attempt to speak another’s language, better know exactly what you are saying. How to art: crosshatching. Lego-like surfaces under our feet. Not that I would ever do this. So, I did this and the first 10-1/2 pages of … Continue reading

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Fotography Friday, 3/22/19.

If you care to join in, post a favorite foto of your own on your blog and add the link below. You are invited to the Inlinkz link party! Click here to enter It appears that the Inlinkz is not … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday.

YouTube’s greatest hits, as determined by me us.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 3/20/19.

Progress continues on Fairfield. I reached the top of the sleeve increases and wanted to be sure the they would fit, so I clipped the seam edges together (using exactly three clips, since that was how many were within reach) … Continue reading

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