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Three (and a lot more!) on Thursday.

‘Tis St Valentine’s Day today! In my quest to find three fabulous heart- and love-related things, I went through some old posts. Back when I was a better blogger I did some rather ambitious posts on V-Day. Here ya go! … Continue reading

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A quickie about white fragility.

K sent me a link to the original, 2011 journal article. The reading is a bit heavy going given that it is an academic journal article. I just requested the 169-page book from 2018 from the library. Happily, I will … Continue reading

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Unraveled, 2/13/2019.

As part of my vow/goal to finish WIPs I have been working on this afghan for Younger Son. In my memory I had finished the white square and started the pale camel one next to it, but when I pulled … Continue reading

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Universe pooping, continued.

Just in case you don’t remember all the ways in which the universe has pooped on us in the past month, here is a recap. Well pump no longer supplies enough water for both the geothermal HVAC and the household … Continue reading

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Racism, overt and subtle, in the fiber community.

Yes, today is two-post day. Sometimes I just cannot STFU. There has been an ongoing conversation for the past few weeks on social media — I followed it on Instagram — about the racism in, or more specifically, the non-welcoming … Continue reading

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Yarning along.

Did you know you can effectively splice non-wool yarns? Quick and easy yarn dyeing. An oldie but a goodie.

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Luck Winter Carnival!

My favorite part of the Luck Winter Carnival is — surprise! — the Friday night trivia contest at Cafe Wren. My friend Jeff organizes this every year, When he invited me to participate, I declined because I felt like maybe … Continue reading

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Break the chain.

“…one star deducted for scurrying.” We all have different things that remind us of home and Mom and all that is good.

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Fotography Friday.

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Three on Thursday.

I always enjoy reading others’ ToT posts, but I have seldom remembered to write one myself. There is now a reminder on my calendar every Wednesday about writing a ToT post. Now to find three things to write about… Three … Continue reading

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