Unraveled Wednesday, 2/27/19.

IMG_2834.JPGI should have showed you these socks last week because I finished them the weekend before. Two strands of sock yarn held together, US#2.5 needle for the foot, US#5 for the leg, knit toe-up — just like all my other double-stranded socks that keep my feet toasty all winter long.

You will notice that they do not quite match. My Rav page tells me I started them in June, 2017. They were part of my 2019 get-er-done, finish-the-UPOs push. The right foot in the photo was done to the heel back in 2017. When I picked them up again earlier this month I decided the variegated yarn every other row thing that I had started with was not worth the effort, so after the heel I just held one strand of variegated and one strand of red together for the leg. The ball bands for the red yarns — yes, there are two very slightly different shades of red yarn — are long gone. One is probably Knit Picks Stroll, the other probably Universal or Regia. The variegated yarn started out like the left photo, below, which was definitely NOT my taste. Eventually I tea-dyed it to subdue those pinks and oranges.


On the left, the original skein; on the right, how the yarn used in the socks
after the wild colors were tamed by tea dyeing.

In my seemingly never-ending quest to ensure that my Chartreuse fits, I wet-blocked the half-finished sleeves to re-check gauge. Spot-on, yay! (How many hyphenated words can I fit into one sentence? Four, at this point.)

I mentioned last week that I had cast on all the body stitches but was not at that moment up to the calcs to determine how many extra stitches I would need at hip level to accommodate mine hips. It occurred to me this weekend that before I go through that work I should measure myself; the measurements I was going on were from several years ago.

Hallelujah! I have lost 8-9 inches from my hips! and 2-3 inches from my bust line! I will still need to refigure the cast-on, yada yada, but I am more than willing to do that work. Also, not having to work umptillion extra stitches in this mega-umptillion-stitch sweater is an added bonus. (Two Three more hyphens added.) Two years ago Kat and I joined Weight Watchers, and I followed it for about a year. Then I let my membership lapse and continued to watch what, and more importantly, how much, I ate. I may have put on a pound or four in the past year, but overall I have maintained. Hallelujah x2!

I frogged the sleeves back to the ribbing and increased the rate of increase from every four rows to every three, then performed the wet-block mentioned above. (One more hyphen.)





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5 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday, 2/27/19.

  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I lost 60 lbs on WW four years ago. It took 2 years and Ive maintained for 2 years. Excellent program for me!!! Your knitting is always so great!

  2. Kat says:

    YOU GO!! Oh my gosh, I love this. I for the most part have maintained as well (although Steve has struggled a bit more so we joined again at the beginning of February – with mixed results – me loosing, him gaining – which makes for LOVELY home life, let me tell you! LOL)

  3. Kym says:

    Oh, YAY FOR YOU!!! That’s really wonderful news, and cause to celebrate! XO
    And I love socks that don’t match best of all.

  4. Nicole says:

    Awesome post of awesomeness! I love the way the socks turned out, and really enjoyed counting the hyphens along with you. 🙂

  5. gayle says:

    You’ve raised the bar on hyphen usage! How long will this record hold…

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