Three (and a lot more!) on Thursday.

‘Tis St Valentine’s Day today! In my quest to find three fabulous heart- and love-related things, I went through some old posts. Back when I was a better blogger I did some rather ambitious posts on V-Day. Here ya go!

2013     2014     2015      2016       2017      2018

Sex Love in the wild; June 2007.  (Turn up the sound so you can hear the shells clunking together. These two were doing the nasty for at least 30 minutes near our dock.)

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3 Responses to Three (and a lot more!) on Thursday.

  1. Kat says:

    LMAO oh my gosh! BEST POST!! hahahahahahahahah

  2. Carole Julius says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day from across the miles!

  3. Cat heart feet!!! Love that

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