Luck Winter Carnival!

My favorite part of the Luck Winter Carnival is — surprise! — the Friday night trivia contest at Cafe Wren.

This is about half the room. There were nine teams, ranging from
five members down to one (me).

My friend Jeff organizes this every year, When he invited me to participate, I declined because I felt like maybe I shouldn’t, given my recent success on Jeopardy. He encouraged me to play anyway, saying he would use me as a draw: “Come see if you can beat a Jeopardy champion!” He didn’t have to ask again. I decided I would be a team of one, just to make it more fun (and because I am nothing if not confident).

If  I had had Younger Son’s help in the first round, which was all about biking, 
I would have won finished in second place. But I didn’t, so I didn’t.

The proceeds from the contest were designated to fund new bike racks at the Wren, which is situated next to the Gandy Dancer Trail, a popular bike trail* and part of Wisconsin’s Ice Age trail system.

The categories were:

  1. Biking
  2. Sports and games,
  3. Math (this CPA and former math major loved the math category)
  4. Bonus round: (I can’t remember the category)
  5. Hair (question(s) about hair bands, the proper title for a certain mustache, Samson&Delilah, etc.)
  6. People who died in 2018 (photos of the departed, whom we had to identify)
  7. (Can’t remember)
  8. Bonus round: Academy Award-nominated movies
The winning team with their trophy: the Toilet Bowl!

On our way home we stopped to get a photo of the completed ice castle.

Just in case you are not sure what, where, or when this is…

Please appreciate the effort it took to get those ice castle photos; it was -11F when I was standing in the middle of the street, dodging cars and trying to focus.

Apparently there was a parade on Saturday night. My heartfelt admiration goes to these bicyclists who braved the sub-zero cold to show their support for non-motorized trails.

*The trail is open to non-motorized use in summer and to snowmobiles and ATVs in the winter. The pro-motorized folks have been trying for several years to get the two non-motorized trails in the county open to them year-round. There is already one mixed-use trail in the county (not to mention countless snowmobile trails and paved roads open to ATVs), and experience has shown that mixed-use is, in reality, motorized use only; the trail surface become far too torn up from ATVs for bikes or walkers to use it safely. Since the trail was originally established with state DNR funds, which require it to be non-motorized in the summer, this whole mixed-use initiative is legally problematic; not that that has deterred the motorized crowd. You can probably guess which side of this debate I am on.

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5 Responses to Luck Winter Carnival!

  1. Diane Nelson says:

    Thanks for posting the results Trivia night – I always want to attend as an observer but opt out because I hate to leave the house when it’s that c-c-c-cold. Love the photos of the ice castle. It does take a village!!

  2. gayle says:

    I love the idea of you being the draw to trivia! And well done for being a team of one – that’s really hard!
    Huzzah for the ice castle! And huzzah for you for braving those temps to get the pictures!
    I always side with the non-motorized folk. I admit I hold a grudge against snowmobilers – when I lived on the edge of town, they’d regularly cut through my side yard instead of using the trail which was on the other side of my hedge. Over the years, they murdered every little lilac bush I planted along the road by running over it with their violent treads. (It’s been over twenty years since I lived in that house, and I’m still mad!)

  3. Kat says:

    Great photos and it looks like so much fun!! And, a team of one!! YOU GO!!

  4. We didn’t think snowmobiles could use the ice age trail…..
    Thank you for taking those photos for us ! Brrrrrrrr.

  5. Nicole says:

    That is really cool! It sounds like it was a fun night.

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