Not my knitting.


Massage socks pattern.

Yarn Gothic.

Bathtub full of yarn.

We all need one of these mugs.

Just try to knit this yarn.


A variation on the temperature afghan/scarf for commuters.

Did you know that Reddit, that crazy place, has a knitting sub-Reddit?

Drone sweaters.

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4 Responses to Not my knitting.

  1. Nicole says:

    Neat yarn ice sculpture! And yes, I need one of those mugs. 😉

    The bathtub full of yarn would be amusing to play in, but I wouldn’t want to use any of my good yarn.

  2. gayle says:

    Yeah, that mug would fit right in next to my knitting bag.

  3. Yarn gothic…..been there! ! !!!
    Drone sweaters….almost as kooky as the goat coat I knit

  4. k says:

    The horror of the missing yarn needle. Sigh. I set one down here, next to my computer. It was gone as soon as I took my eye off it.
    “Nope.” Among all the other reasons, I can see my hair getting felted into those long open loops on the back. I can also see somebody who is in serious withdrawal from their fidget spinner following me, just to play with the things.
    All in all, a lovely selection of links.

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