Knitting takes the cake.

Are you a member of Tempestry? via

17-minutes of craft hacks.

Hen in a hat, rooster in a scarf. Because why not?

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3 Responses to Knitting takes the cake.

  1. gayle says:

    Those tempestry scarves really get the point across, don’t they?
    And I’ve got to try that needle-threading trick. These old eyes are relying on a push-button gadget right now that I would be lost without…

  2. Nicole says:

    I haven’t done a temperature scarf, but I’ve considered it. My biggest problem is committing to something that I’d work on daily. That seems like more than I’m willing to work on right now.

    Love the hen and rooster. 🙂

  3. k says:

    Those 5-minute hack videos are so enthralling.
    I’ll think about doing a tempestry scarf, but what location?

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