It’s cable time!

cables, aran.jpg

Yep. We know what they look like.

Wool is better. Clara Parkes started it, and the Wall Street Journal picked it up and researched it. More. And more and more.

She knit a sweater for her life partner.

Gradient… books?

Grannies. ::smh::

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5 Responses to It’s cable time!

  1. Kat says:

    I love what Clara started! And, I laughed at the sweater for the life partner!

  2. gayle says:

    Love that sweater! 8)
    And as a former sheep owner, I can only shake my head at people who think shearing is cruel. Apparently they’ve never met a sheep.

  3. pan handles…made me laugh

  4. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I love Grannie’s gift for the tires! The photo made me chuckle. I do have some polar fleece zip ups. I try to only wash them twice a year or so as we are aware of the microfibres that go into the water. Most of our other clothes are wool, cotton and silk. Polyester fabric bothers Phil’s skin and mine too. It is scratchy and my skin seems as if it cannot breathe easily. We love our Egyptian cotton sheets! Then the comforters do not need to be wool as long as ours sheets are cotton and my pj’s are flannel. We also have wool scarves and Phil has wool toques, and my hat is fur. My winter coat is made in Yellowknife, NWT, pure wool with fur around the hood. When we lived in the north, that was a necessity at minus 45 degrees. At minus 40 Celsius and Fahrenheit become the same temperature, so you will understand how cold that was. In Inuvik, Phil used to walk to and from work and would arrive home with icicles hanging from his beard and moustache. At these temperatures, if you did not blink continuously, the water from your eyes would start to freeze on your eyelashes and they could freeze shut if you did not blink fast enough. Breathing hurt the lungs even when breathing through a scarf, Those were tough years for me.

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