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When it rains snows, it pours freezes.

The power company has turned off the interruptible power every day this week from 5pm-ish to 11pm-ish. Our geothermal HVAC system is on the interruptible power grid. Our system has a brand-new well pump and a brand-new pressure tank, but … Continue reading

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Unraveled, 1/30/2019.

No report on my knitting this week, but not because there wasn’t any. Rather, it is because I finished my Carbeth! And I am not taking it off! I did the last bit of seaming on Sunday night during Madame … Continue reading

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Not my knitting.

Massage socks pattern. Yarn Gothic. Bathtub full of yarn. We all need one of these mugs. Just try to knit this yarn. Nope. A variation on the temperature afghan/scarf for commuters. Did you know that Reddit, that crazy place, has … Continue reading

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Knitting takes the cake.

Are you a member of Tempestry? via 17-minutes of craft hacks. Hen in a hat, rooster in a scarf. Because why not?

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Links in the snow.

How to foil your cat when it insists on testing whether gravity still applies to this object. And that object. And how about this one over here… And if you want to stay off the radar, northwestern Wisconsin is a … Continue reading

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Fotography Friday.

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Money, money, money

Sometimes spending money is fun — buying yarn, going on a vacation, upgrading your phone. But when money is spent simply to maintain the status quo? Not so much fun. Case in point: we are emptying the checking account and … Continue reading

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Gray winter knitting.

A bathtub full of yarn.

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Bloody links.

Run for it, boys! Ask the locals. Going all Marie Kondo on his ass. Things I would really like a man to explain to me.

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Fotography Friday.

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