Oh, what a tangled web skein we weave…

colorful knitwear wool knitting

Pompoms FTW!

How to embroider a leaf. How to embroider a sweater. (Warning: this is not a parallel construction.)

Silly silly.

Yip yips!

I almost want to knit one of these. Almost.

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6 Responses to Oh, what a tangled web skein we weave…

  1. gayle says:

    Pompoms! (Loved the Purl Soho tutorial – the size guides are brilliant!) And Yip Yips! (I wants some, I does!)
    I was mesmerized by the leaf embroidery – kept hitting the replay button over and over. Very soothing.
    I’m thinking of doing a temperature quilt, after years of watching people make temp scarves and quilts. At least there won’t be yarn ends to weave in…

  2. Kat says:

    I love the pompom idea! LOVE LOVE!! And, that ZickZack… wow!

  3. Nicole says:

    That tangled pic of yarn is making me nervous… O.o

    I almost want to knit a temperature scarf or something similar, too. The main thing that’s holding me back is all those ends…

  4. Linda Huson says:

    I did a zickzack scarf about a year ago – and am doing another one now. I just used two different colors of variegated yarns for the first one and am using some Baah LaJolla Dipped and Dappled yarns (in 3 different colors) for the one I’m knitting now.

  5. Pom poms evade me. They always look limp and skinny! I am kind of in love with all the faux fur poms I’m seeing these days!

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