Shiny links.

chain on wood.jpg


Sometimes, people amaze me with their goodness.


Fabulous photos.

Sasha the Christmas tiger.

I recently had this same idea. Now I have instructions.

I have questions!



* I have to thank my friend gayle, who regularly sends me great linky-blog-fodder. Thx!

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3 Responses to Shiny links.

  1. gayle says:

    You’re welcome! And in return, you give me things like Fabulous photos and Sasha the Christmas tiger. Sharing benefits everyone! 8)
    (I’ve had the same idea about pockets, too, but nowadays I just wear men’s jeans which come with proper pockets to begin with…)

  2. mlegan says:

    Pocket extenders!! Genius!!

  3. The generosity of ordinary folks is so sweet. It makes this gloomy rainy day, quite a bit better

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