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Yarning in the new year.

A handy website. Awww. World’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater. Can’t remember if I showed this one to you. Pro tip. All the presents are under… Good dog! Crafty Minotaur.

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Can you stand one more Jeopardy! post?

Keeping up with my Facebook messages and emails and texts since Thursday was pretty much a full-time job. There have been 213 searches for me on in that past three days (I do not have a profile on that … Continue reading

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Links count down to the new year.

Always. Red berries only. The secret of true happiness, in flowchart form. Living the white life. Crows are fascinating. Strangely fascinating.

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Three on Thursday.

Today is my big day — the day *my* episode of Jeopardy airs. Here are three things I may or may not have told you about it. Thing The First. Johnny Gilbert, the announcer, is in his nineties. At the … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 12/26/18.

I showed you this sweater last week and said that it would be done by the time you read that post. The best-laid plans, etc. I played yarn chicken with that last blue stripe and won. Had only a couple … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas!

How to wrap your cat for Christmas. Christmas maths. On gift giving. Pizza for Christmas. This cat really hates Christmas. It’s Christmas at doggy daycare. If the letter to Santa didn’t work…  

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Christmas Eve-y links.

  “You put the thing through the thing…” More. Need a needle gauge? Victor’s secret. Christmas knitting.

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Reminder: Jeopardy on Thursday!

Yeah, I am gonna milk this 22 minutes of fame for all it’s worth… If you live within range of Twin Cities TV stations, you can watch on KARE11 at 4:30pm. If you are not sure what station near you … Continue reading

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Post and link.

Vanilla soy latte = three-bean salad.  Venn diagram. Anyone for a heart attack? How about another one? For fans of Leverage. How to up your burglary game. Thoughts on the Great British Baking Show.

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Unraveled Wednesday.

This is a stashbuster child’s sweater I have been working on for the warm clothing drive. Since I took that photo I have finished it, but you will have to wait until next week to see the FO, since I … Continue reading

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