Three on Thursday.


Three things I am enjoying now that the election is over. (As co-chair of our county party and whose other co-chair was running for the state legislature, I discovered that the co-chair job pretty much expands to fill the time available. I loved doing it but am really glad it is over.)

Thing 1. Not feeling like I have more than 18 hours worth of tasks that all have to be done by tomorrow.

Thing 2. Cleaning up little rat’s nests around the house, some of which are [sob!] years old.

Thing 3. Having time for non-political things I enjoy — lunch with a friend, volunteering to give rides, catching up on blogs.

Anecdote about #2, above. A few days ago I felt moved to install a little seasonal decor in the house; in particular, to change out the tablecloth on the dining room table. That plaid plastic one was fine for summer, but it needed a relief. But when I went digging into the bottom kitchen drawer where the tablecloths live, I found nary a one. There should have been a dark brown one (the one I was thinking of), a light brown one, a gold metallic plastic one, and an autumn plaid one, plus a dark green table runner. WTF? I mentioned this to Smokey, thinking that perhaps he had decided that drawer was too full and had moved them elsewhere. Turns out he hadn’t, but he did have a couple suggestions of other places to look. In the process I uncovered a box containing two of the tablecloths and the runner. When did they go into that box?

::thinking really hard::

OMG, it was October 2016, when we used them at a fundraiser for two women Democratic candidates. 

::hangs head in shame::

::and resolves to continue cleaning up rat’s nests.::

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4 Responses to Three on Thursday.

  1. Kat says:

    You are my absolute hero! That cleaning thing is such a drag on the fun things in life… like reading, knitting, walking, eating, sleeping… lol

  2. Kym says:

    Have fun discovering all sorts of things . . . now that you have some free time! 🙂

  3. gayle says:

    I’m glad you’re finally getting a chance to breathe and recover! I’m also glad you found your tablecloths, even if they’d found a new place to live. Box, drawer – all the same to a tablecloth, right?
    (We don’t have an ‘everything in its place’ here. My dad employs what he calls the PLU System – Point of Last Use. That’s his excuse for not putting things away, anyway. I’ve tried to point out that the flaw is that when I need a thing, I won’t be able to find it if the ‘point of last use’ was his.)

  4. k says:

    You have been laboring in the People’s Temple. All other duties must wait their turn.
    I only have two table cloths, and their homes are random places in the basement, and maybe the bottom of the linen closet. You win.

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