This used to be a knitting blog.


These are some of the things I knitted since June. I plan to devote a full blog post to each one — plus a couplethree others — soon.


Amaryllis watch. It has to live on the kitchen counter because our cats consider everything green and growing in the house to exist exclusively for their nibbling. When it blooms, I hope to be able to put it in a more appropriate location.

Hmmm. A lot of “hope to” and “plan to” in those captions.
hope I can actually accomplish it all…

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7 Responses to This used to be a knitting blog.

  1. Diane says:

    Love them – mine is just waking up!

  2. gayle says:

    I don’t want to alarm you, but it looks like those amaryllis buds are going for the knives…

  3. kayT says:

    Last year one of my cats took a bite out of one of the amaryllis buds. I don’t know why she is still alive. But this year the first plant (I have 2 more not yet started; blame Carole of Carole knits for mentioning White Fence Farm) made it through unscathed and it’s lovely. Red as can be and two fat stems about the same height. I hope yours do well (and don’t get hold of the knives!)

  4. It is still a knit blog! And I love those garter shawls. I just cannot master lots and lots of garter. It is the simplest stitch, but not for me! Your gorgeous bulbs are going to reward you soon. HOW lovely the blooms will be . Our cats would be after them too!

  5. Kat says:

    That amarylis looks promising! I can’t wait to see those blooms open! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. Kym says:

    Life . . . gets in the way of both knitting AND blogging sometimes. XO

  7. Nicole says:

    Yeah… I can’t have anything growing (or that was formerly growing) in my house, or my cat will eat it. Potted plants? Lunchtime snack. A vase of flowers? Dessert. Leaves we accidentally tracked in from outside? Midnight snack.

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