IG about knitting.


Knitters were heroes during wartime.

Cover up those furry crotches.

We all wish this were so.

Road kill gloves.

Knitting groups are educational.

Babies on fire.

iPhone users: check this out.


The four steps of the knit stitch.


This may be the best name for a knit pattern ever.

We all need this sweater.



World’s best knitwear model.


Cute li’l yarnbomb.

It’s a tie-dye river.

Use your time wisely.

…aaannd this is why we do not knit for a living.

Green = hover over the link

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3 Responses to IG about knitting.

  1. gayle says:

    I’m going to be giggling about the four steps all day!
    And now I want a tee shirt with ‘snodig’ written on the front. Because snodig…

  2. Nicole says:

    OMG! The comments on the “why we do not knit for a living” thread! “MOST I can pay is 3 pocket lints, 1 belly button lint and the loose change I found in the Walmart parking lot.” I really needed this laugh. Thank you!

  3. k says:

    I had to stop to comment at the “babies on fire” link because yes we are all highly-trained artisans and know our shit thank you very much. What those other people don’t know is volumes.
    Thanks. I feel better now.
    “Tell you what. I’ll do it for $800.”
    Also, about Doris: Healthy and purposeful activity in the out-of-doors. I’m in. And squirrel underpants can’t take very long, so bam! instant gratification.

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