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Scenes from Bentonville.

Younger Son is at WallyWorld HQ doing something with computers.

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Three on Thursday.

Three things I am enjoying now that the election is over. (As co-chair of our county party and whose other co-chair was running for the state legislature, I discovered that the co-chair job pretty much expands to fill the time … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday.

Knitting: So many FOs to blog. I put them all on Ravelry a few days ago and discovered that the last time I added a project there was February. Time flies when you are having fun┬ábusy. Not that I haven’t … Continue reading

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Pleasant purple knit(ting links).

Legwarmers; they are everywhere. Video game for knitters. Pie for knitters.

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Multi-colored links.

Chickens do not like to walk in the snow. Alex Trebek (my personal friend). Are you ready for Christmas commercials? Link from gayle. “…red mixed with a little scarlet, crimson, cardinal, ruby, magenta, brick, carmine, rose, vermilion, cerise, coral, and … Continue reading

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It’s turkey day!

This map shows what people are most thankful for in every state — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) November 22, 2017

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Thanksgiving with the fam.

Younger Son is coming to spend the holy turkey day with us. Given the speed at which his avatar is moving on Google Maps, he appears to be traveling the 80 miles to get here… on his bike. Which he … Continue reading

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This used to be a knitting blog.

Hmmm. A lot of “hope to” and “plan to” in those captions. I hope I can actually accomplish it all…

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IG about knitting.

Knitters were heroes during wartime. Cover up those furry crotches. We all wish this were so. Road kill gloves. Knitting groups are educational. Babies on fire. iPhone users: check this out. Wimp. The four steps of the knit stitch. Word. … Continue reading

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Breaking the chain (links).

This is a much better use of torches than that in Charlottesville. One way to get rid of gerrymandering. Warning: rabbit hole ahead. Chickens do not like to walk in the snow.

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