This is my *blue* hair. Subtle, but noticeable.


Back of my garden. Yes, definitely a shade garden.


But it does get an hour or three of sun. Astilbe loves getting a little sun. 


These lilies are spectacular.


Yep, spectacular!

More stuff in bullet form:

  • A week or so ago I watched a loon struggle with a fish. It was happening  pretty far away across the lake, and even with binoculars — which sit on my desk year-round for just such occasions — it was difficult to tell what was going on. My best guess was that a good-sized fish, one roughly the size of said loon, had grabbed one of the bird’s feet underwater.
  • Just now I saw a similar happening much closer, so my trusty binocs and I got a better view. I think what was happening was that the loon had caught the fish and was still fighting with it. Fish was way too big for bird to swallow whole, so bird was just taking bites.
  • Anyone with better knowledge of loons than I — Jeff? Debra? anyone? —  please chime in in the comments to educate the rest of us.
  • It’s election year again so most weekends I am in a parade. This year it’s riding on a flatbed for our county party with a bunch of others, wearing our party t-shirts, waving to bystanders, and throwing candy to the kiddos.
  • One volunteer brought a box of dog treats. She sat at the back of flatbed and threw them to the canine onlookers.
  • I loved that she did that.
  • Being county co-chair is a job that expands to fill the time available — running meetings, updating the website a couple times a week, writing the monthly newsletter, other miscellaneous stuff. All jobs I enjoy (except maybe the running-the-meetings part), but still… my knitting time has taken a hit.
  • Carbeth is in time out. It is completed to a few inches into the yoke, but I am questioning whether the pattern’s yoke decreases are going to end up fitting my bod.
  • Besides, it is summer. Not the time to knit a heavy sweater, even with a/c.
  • So at the beginning of last month I cast on Russell Street. Have been monogamous with it for six weeks, so it is about three-quarters done.
  • But a couple days ago I decided it was time for a tiny, palate-cleansing break.
  • So I cast on a Pivot Cowl.
  • Since I almost always get a pattern’s specified gauge, I didn’t bother with a gauge swatch for such a small project.
  • [cue ominous music]
  • When I had nearly completed the initial garter stitch square, I thought to measure my gauge.
  • Pattern gauge: 20 st and 24 rows = 4 inches.
  • My gauge: 26 st and (maybe 26?) rows = 4 inches.
  • Hmmm.
  • Frog and reknit with a bigger needle? do something different than what is in the pattern?
  • Since the initial goal was for a quick and easy knit, I decided to go with door #2.
  • Stay tuned…
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4 Responses to Stuff.

  1. gayle says:

    Hurray for blue hair! (I’m still considering it myself!)
    I know nothing of loons other than listening to them cracks me up. I’ll be interested in seeing some loon insights, too.
    And those are some interesting knits you’ve got going there. I’ll bet you can adapt that cowl without frogging – part 2 looks pretty flexible. Good luck!

  2. AJ says:

    Hmmm I’m always tempted to skip gauge as mine always seems to be right, but knowing my luck the same thing would happen to me! I’ve gotten better and at least check gauge for sweaters now.

  3. Nicole says:

    I love the garden! And the blue is fun for a hair change. Someday I will be ambitious enough to try something like that.

  4. Vicki says:

    I love your hair! Love it!!

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