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Saturday links are back! For one week, at least.

Carpool karaoke. Notorious RBG speaks.

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Cleaning off my desktop.


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Stuff in bullet form.

We are in Zuni, New Mexico, to visit Elder Son and family. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the photos from the 3-1/2 day drive to get here. A few highlights of my recent life: My car … Continue reading

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In go the links.

Books as baby gifts. thanks, compassionknit and Al! Tom Hanks. This is the saddest 23-word sentence I ever read. A reference chart. Want to learn how to make mead? Related. Helpful field guide to birds of the western US. On … Continue reading

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The garden in early summer.

Earlier I showed you my crocuses and daffodils, but they are long done. Now that the trees have fully leafed out, the flowerbed outside our front door is largely a shade garden. There are two or three other daylilies and … Continue reading

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The world as seen through knitting.

Raise your hand.

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Carturday links!

Dogs cannot. Please, princess! A cat named Cheddar. Apex predator is pissed. Cat vs. cat tree. (Spoiler alert: the tree wins.) Relaxation: via cat. More. Life with a cat. Looks like our Louise. Apparently it was not big enough.

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