Links everywhere.

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This is the state where I live. And it is raiding nearby states for their millennials.

Above all, be comfy.


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3 Responses to Links everywhere.

  1. gayle says:

    DRINK WISCONSINBLY is a lovely state motto! 8)

  2. k says:

    Price County (no, I never lived there, just in the next county) has THE HIGHEST RATE OF BEER CANS IN THE DITCHES OF ANYWHERE. Ugh. Having said that, there’s a wonderful brewery in the town in which I live currently – or maybe it’s all been moved over to the town I will be living in. South Shore Brewery, in case you needed to know.
    Also, (at least up here) Wisconsin highway sign posts are wood, not metal. Better for knocking down with snowplows, I guess. I think that will be an olympic sport soon.
    Wisconsin’s weird.

  3. Nicole says:

    I 100% wear comfy shoes. I got rid of most of my heels when I realized they hurt and were making me more exhausted, and I only wear the few pairs of dressy shoes I have left when I have to (and they’re the most comfy dressy shoes I could find on my budget).

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