Lake links.

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Sing out in the comment with short cuts you have used.


This one‘s for the museum fans.

For the readers.

On libraries. Read the Wired article, too.

Post-modern truth.

Do you floss?

On capitalism.

Every house has oneAnd it waits.

“You can be sexist without knowing it. You can be racist without knowing it. This is not a moral failing; it is a moral imperative to remember that you are fallible, and take steps to limit the damage your squishy ape brain’s foibles can cause.”



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3 Responses to Lake links.

  1. becky t says:

    My high school students as me how much class time is left (class ends at 10:05) I always have to answer with the number of minutes until ten plus 5. E.g. at 10:53 How much time is left in class? 7+5

  2. gayle says:

    I’ve never been able to do math in my head, because I can’t hold onto the numbers – they turn to liquid and run together. But I can manipulate objects (I could design an argyle slipcover for a toroid if I needed one), so I can do the calculations if I turn the numbers into objects.
    Example – back in 2012, a co-worker was talking about his motorcycle and I asked him how long he’d had it. “Eighteen years,” he said. “I bought it back in 1988.” “Nope,” I said, “longer than that – 24 years.” If I’d tried to subtract 1988 from 2012 in my head, I’d still be standing there trying to work it out. I just turned the numbers into boxes – a box of 10 for the 90’s, 10 more for the Oughts, and then a little box of 2 at each end. Digits defeat me, but I can do boxes!
    Loved the chicken link, especially the video! Thank you – I needed a good laugh!

  3. k says:

    Percentages in my head. There are people who can’t do that. The only shortcut I really have is 12 x 12 = 144. If I get up in numbers, I work forward or back from there. My dad had me memorize the times’s tables. 7×8 never stuck. Also, we played with abacuses in grade school once. NUMBERS AS BEADS GOING BACK AND FORTH IS AWESOME!
    Post-modern blog for the . . . win?
    I like Gayle’s boxes. Sounds sensible.

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