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Yarn. Lots of yarn.

In honor of Memorial Day, here are a couple of ways to express your gratitude to our troops far from home: Operation Gratitude  Warmth for Warriors. Looks like the beginnings of a nice potholder/baby blanket/afghan. How’s your spidey sense? Fun DYI shoes! … Continue reading

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Links everywhere.

This is the state where I live. And it is raiding nearby states for their millennials. Above all, be comfy.  

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PSA regarding The Wedding

If you are like me, you were annoyed that the mainstream media played only snippets of That Choir at The Wedding. Here ya go! Also, if by some remote chance you have not heard Bishop Curry’s sermon, you really should.

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Baskets of yarn.

Oops! Knitting on Coke can. Looking for a lost peacock. Rainbow. It’s easier without the needles.

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Lake links.

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Lake links.

Sing out in the comment with short cuts you have used. Chicken. This one‘s for the museum fans. For the readers. On libraries. Read the Wired article, too. Post-modern truth. Do you floss? On capitalism. Every house has one. And it … Continue reading

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Wooden links.

Pet bee.

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Happy birthday, Matthew*!

  Happy birthday, Matthew!  * aka Younger Son.

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Lavender blue, dilly dilly.

Mermaid scale stitch markers. “If Tumblr has taught me anything…” Mr. Llama in knit hats.

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Roping the links. Yesterday’s post revisited. This time with links.

Elephants artists? Um, nope. Coupla victories for mothers. Casual agility competition. Agility should look like this (start at 1:30).Or ever better, this (the fun starts at 1:05).   Note: the anti-serendipity, it burns. Two days ago Kym asked about the process of … Continue reading

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