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Knit the rainbow.

Knit without injuring yourself! The perfect Aran. How to knit the long-tail cast-on. Our eyes are still closed. OMG, the Israelis — but not their government — did something good for Arabs. How to knit the perfect edge. Other perfect … Continue reading

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Surreal links.

The Brother.  (listen) “I think we can all agree life would be better were giants required to disclose their recipes.” It all started here. The big enemy is apathy. Time capsule from hell. Links from Chris.

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Knitting gone wild.

Welcome to 1984, when Native Americana was fashionable. Another one. Nice rings. Sorry about the rest of the sweater. Computer-generated knitting patterns. Here is an Atlantic article about the project. On Twitter. Thanks, gayle! No shade zone. I love this story! Plenty … Continue reading

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Smokey update.

He was discharged on Friday with a long list of follow-up appointments. Feels fine, slightly better than when he went in. Basic questions remaining to be answered: why prostate so enlarged, why hemoglobin so low. All other symptoms stemmed from … Continue reading

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Rusty, dusty links.

“She had a rump like a silken waterfall, and I trembled to admire it.” This is a bit long but worth it. Kittehs will find a way. Life advice that we all can use. “…I am now the morale officer … Continue reading

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“Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something — if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” — Roseanne Roseannadanna, SNL

Smokey went to Minneapolis yesterday for a routine appointment with his nephrologist. I had opted to stay home rather than accompany him; usually we both go and make a fun day of it, but I am kinda sorta swamped with … Continue reading

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Progress continues — two steps forward, step-and-a-half back — on Carbeth. Funnily enough, I am not bothered at all by having to rip and reknit repeatedly, probably because the knitting, on US#10-1/2 needles, goes so fast. Plus, I got to … Continue reading

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Guess what. We got some more snow.

Forecast is for 50˚ by the weekend, 60s next week, maybe even some 70s. Flooding, anyone?

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Passionate purple links.

Excellent question. Offered without comment. A knitterly, sheepy cake. The silliness, it burns like fire. Oh, hell yeah. Uh-oh. Oh, yeah, I’ve been there. This is magnificent. These socks are impressive, but these take the prize. Reversible socks. Tarmac Tuesday: … Continue reading

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An easy knock-off post.

Compassionknit’s ten questions: *Have you had a hostess cupcake knock off? There are knock offs? *Have you heard of rolled ice cream?  (Thai origin?) Nope. I live in the hinterlands. The nearest Thai food of any type is a good 50 miles … Continue reading

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