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Links are everywhere.

How to set the minimum wage. Do not read this if you take the Bible literally. Bibliophile Sweater Tag. The history of blue.

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A tisket, a tasket, a yarnful of basket.

Color, anyone? Of course you could knit this in time for Easter. Embroidery. More embroidery. (That second link hit my sweet spot because I owned (and adored!) this book back in the 70s.) A Photographic Series of Miniature Faux Fur … Continue reading

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Ringed in blue.

Perfectly timed photos. More photos. Recycling FTW!

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To those of you posting photos of your crocus.

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Sock it to me.

Land cloud. Human penguin. Guilt project… finished. Sad truthSad truth. Included here purely for the name. 5 tips to using DPNs. Why we should love hairless cats. I still have ambitions to knit this cowl, although I might make it … Continue reading

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Go, Link!

Only slightly exaggerated. via Passive aggressive passerine. Smashing the patriarchy. Wait. What?

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Simple, simple.

Pets are people, too. Finished. Knitting under the influence. Stretches. Purl this! It’s witchcraft. Sheep!

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Link in color.

Twitter thread. It is a little-known fact that… Want to know why we need social justice in science? Warning: it’s a l-o-n-g Twitter thread, but I found it v. interesting. Why we admire Canadians.  

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No links today. Just pictures.

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Helixes, schmelixes; these are links.

#MNGA Around the world. McDonalds [finally] ditches foam containers.

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