Unraveled Wednesday 2/28/18.

Really, really unraveled.

Remember that post a few days ago when I was all giddy about ordering yarn for a Carbeth? Yeah, the best laid plans, yadda, yadda.

I went to the doctor on Monday to have my shoulder checked out. I had fallen, way back on February 2, 3-1/2 weeks ago, on my way to a campaign launch party. Walking through the entryway on my way to the garage, I don’t need to turn on the light, I know how to get to the garage, lah di dah, BAM! Tripped over Smokey’s toolbox.

I was the person designated to collect campaign contributions at the launch, plus I really wanted to be there, plus I had already loaded a platter of brownies and another of lemon bars into the car, so I didn’t feel like staying home was an option. Picked myself up (with extreme difficulty) and drove to the venue. Happily, it was <10 minutes from my house. Unhappily, I couldn’t manage to buckle my seatbelt, but I made it there and back safely (and collected lots of $$ for campaign, yay!)

Fast forward three weeks to last Friday.

I had done something or other the day before that seemed to have irritated the shoulder, and I was in distinct pain as opposed to the nagging, merely annoying pain I had felt for the past couple weeks. So I made an appointment for Monday.

Monday: I am sitting in the exam room while the doc studies my x-rays on the computer screen next to me. Suddenly he chuckles and says, “You little stinker! You fractured your shoulder! You have been trying to heal it on your own for three weeks!”

Doctors are kinda casual here in the Great Frozen North.

Anyhow, my right arm is in a sling and I have an appointment in 4 weeks to have it re-x-rayed to be sure the healing is progressing as it should. The sling is mainly to remind me not to move my upper arm; the doc said that if it were practical he would just duct-tape the upper arm to my body so I couldn’t use it, but he would settle for me wearing the sling. (See doctors/casual/GreatFrozenNorth, above.)

His main advice was that if it hurt to do something, Do.Not.Do.It.* I had been knitting as usual ever since the fall, but it hurt a little and I had to take frequent breaks. Thus, (probably) (tragically) no Carbeth in my immediate future. Even though the yarn shipped yesterday and will probably arrive on Friday.



* As you can see, typing and mousing do not hurt. Thank FSM for small favors.


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13 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday 2/28/18.

  1. Adrienne Martini says:

    I kinda like the whole casual doctor thing. Heal well! Carbeth will wait.

  2. Sparrowgrass says:

    We are too old to be tripping in the dark! Hope you are good as new soon!

  3. Kathleen Walsh says:

    mine was more than a nagging pain -on the way to the hospital every pothole hit sent excruciating pain down my arm. it was a dislocated shoulder. 10 times without any pain meds the doctor tried to put it back into place, finally they gave me intravenous fentanyl and oxygen and then anesthetic to put me out. it took 3 people half an hour to get it back into place. i am also in a sling for at least one week. i have physiotherapy scheduled at the hospital for tomorrow. that is going to hurt. Yesterday twice my body started shaking all over. i was going into shock the nurses told me and it was from pain. f
    when i was finally given the fentanyl after 4 hours of crying and moaning, even wailing, i immediately became still and silent, calm and grateful. What an ordeal! I was less than impressed that they watched me going into shock , but took everyone in order after the first triage and so 6 or 7 others not in pain got treated first. once it was my turn the care was top notch but the wait was inhumane, and the nice nurse that helped me when it was my turn had impassively stood watching me first whimpering, then sob with tears running down my face, wailing and crying for 4 hours in front of all of them at that blue nursing station. that part of their triage system is severely and inhumanely broken. All Phil could do was get me tested blankets every half hour and give me water. Sad way to run emergency when alleviating pain is not part of the equation of triaging. i am glad you were not in so much pain and that it can heal on its own. my your sense of responsibility is strong and i am glad the fundraising went well.

  4. Oh NO! That looks so painful. Glad you can knit a bit……
    Hoping you heal fast and can get to that new yarn!! Im sorry!

  5. Ouch!! Take care and mend. You can knit when you’re better:)

  6. Nicole says:

    Casual doctors are probably better than overly panicky ones. I’m not used to *quite* that casual, though. Heal well! At least you should be able to pet the nice yarn when it arrives without injuring yourself further. Just don’t go trying to roll around in it. 😉

  7. Deb in PA says:

    Ouch! Feel better.

  8. Kym says:

    Oops! So sorry about your shoulder. At least you can still read and type and find funny links. . . Here’s to speedy healing. XOXO

  9. Kat says:

    Oh, ouch! I hope this mends soon and knitting resumes sooner!

  10. Vicki says:

    Oh man!! Good healing mojo to you!!

  11. KSD says:

    NO! Take great care, and make everyone jump at your every command.

  12. gayle says:

    Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch! Heal quickly so you can knit as soon after the yarn arrives as possible!
    At least you have a good doctor. His duct tape idea is very practical.

  13. Oh no! Get better soon! No knitting is not good for anyone!

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