Primary colored links.


We have all been there.

Sorry, nope.

How to make your mittens extra-special warm.


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5 Responses to Primary colored links.

  1. gayle says:

    I almost (almost) could have lived with that cardigan, but the skirt was just a bridge (and a half) too far.
    And those were definitely fuzzy slippers…

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  3. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    Maybe it’s supposed to be sleepwear? Hence the slippers?

  4. k says:

    How funny! I was thinking the skirt would be okay (because I have a deep-seated aversion to color and pattern near my face). And wear the sweater gardening.
    Those mittens are tremendous. And remind me that my mittens need darning.

  5. Those mittens are so whimsical!!!! I may have to follow her insta!

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