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Unraveled Wednesday 2/28/18.

Really, really unraveled. Remember that post a few days ago when I was all giddy about ordering yarn for a Carbeth? Yeah, the best laid plans, yadda, yadda. I went to the doctor on Monday to have my shoulder checked out. … Continue reading

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Daily chuckle.

From Michael Perry’s latest book.

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O, what a tangled web skein we weave detangle.

How not to get Dorito dust on your knitting. Is this a great scarf or what? Yarn storage. Yikes.

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Because I am nothing if not late to the party.

Have you seen all the Carbeths on Instagram and Ravelry and on blogs? Many are a solid (or solid tweed) color. sd Others are a bit more colorful. as Even pets get into the Carbeth act. sd I have resisted … Continue reading

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Griddy links.

Unsettling but fabulous. Heroes you never think about. Maps! Thanks, gayle! More maps! via Hell’s motivational posters. A few more.

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Cooking tip from a knitter.

I learned this from someone else on the internet, don’t remember who. But I have several of these metal needle gauges that I do not use because I much prefer the sturdy plastic ones from Knit Picks. They now have … Continue reading

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Kitteh tales on a Thursday.

Kitteh tales in bullet form: About a month ago Smokey gave me a bouquet of tulips. I put them in a vase and set it on my desk. Fast forward: the cats decided that tulip leaves, stems, and blossoms were … Continue reading

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Non-hiatus knitting links.

…pardon me while I invade your home, wrap myself in your property, and snarl at people like a highly invasive species of lizard.

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Ok, I couldn’t stand it. Here are some links.

Llama vs alpaca. On removing To Kill a Mockingbird from the curriculum. Another view of minimalism. More here. Imma watch Babylon Berlin. A lovely song and video.

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Look out, Cupid’s got a gun! Cat feet.

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