Five in five, 1/30/2018

M tea.jpg

My friend Jocelyn is doing this in an effort to get herself writing again. Her rules are that she must write about five things for five minutes; then she allows herself to edit for five more. It sounded like fun, so here goes.

  1. I went to a spiritualist/woo-woo expo on Saturday with my book group. Now, those who know me know that I am pretty far away from all that crystal/tarot/readings crap–, er, stuff, but the rest of the group was going and one of them asked me for a ride, so I joined in. News flash: when I gave the tarot reader no clues unless she specifically asked for one, the reading was completely generic (“Break down your big goal into small pieces”) or completely wrong (she described Smokey, a complete ADD person, as one who marches from one goal to the next and never gets distracted. As if.) I did, however, purchase a nifty necklace and a nifty bracelet (pictures coming soon to a blog near you).
  2. Ser Percy went to the vet yesterday for his rabies and distemper shots. As long as he was there, he got a nail trim, too. It took two strong people to hold him down as a third clipped off the very tips off his toenails. Milady went along for her free dental exam, and, as long as she was there, got a nail trim, too. In contrast to Percy, she lay on the exam table like a bag of jelly, murmuring all the while, “Yes, rub my tummy there. And there. And a bit more to the left, please.”
  3. Thelma went, too, for her third — or was it fourth? — visit to attempt to clear up her viral URI, which ailment has caused us to change her name to Gurgles. Liquid Lysine (for the viral thing) and a third antibiotic (just for luck). Stay tuned.
  4. Got an IM from Younger Son today with photos of all the plants he recently installed into our Mpls house where he lives. “I am enjoying making this house a home,” he typed. Last photo was of him pouring himself a cup of tea.
  5. A banana a day does a darned good job of keeping away leg cramps, to which I appear to be susceptible when stretching out in bed in the evening. Medical advice from Doctor Mom.

Time count: 11:17 to write, 4:04 to edit and add photo.

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5 Responses to Five in five, 1/30/2018

  1. =Tamar says:

    I tend to be low on magnesium, and on days when I drink a lot of liquids, it gets washed out and I need more at bedtime. Some days I also need potassium (bananas have that) and once I even had to add calcium before the cramps went away. Different things for different people.

  2. Nicole says:

    Sounds like a good way to get oneself writing again! Here’s hoping that third time’s the charm for Thelma.

  3. Kym says:

    Many years ago, we lived in an apartment next door to a professional psychic. She was very chatty and asked a lot of questions. I was always evasive. She never got anything right. 🙂

  4. Oh I find psychics to be a lot of fun. I have gone to pet psychics twice! Glad you found some jewelry!

  5. gayle says:

    Poor kitty! (Though I think “Gurgles and Louise” has a real ring to it!)
    I’ve also found bananas to be a good antidote to leg cramps. We shoulda been sisters…

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