For your amusement.

I was supposed to be at a tax training class today (ditto yesterday) but we are snowed in (at least 6″ of the white stuff) and waiting for our plow guy to release us. We amuse ourselves in various ways, one of which is watching Louise play with her toy. This was one of her slower play sessions… until Misha heard a leaf fall in the neighbor’s driveway.

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4 Responses to For your amusement.

  1. Diane Nelson says:

    Looks like the perfect way to spend a snowy day. I could have sent Jacob over. He was singing the Hallelujah Chorus tune but using the word Jalapeno. Never a dull moment….

  2. Cat entertainment ….always a joy to me

  3. gayle says:

    I’ve often wondered whether cat toys are really meant to be entertainment for cats, or if they’re just cleverly disguised entertainment for humans…

  4. Kat says:

    Those falling leaves do it every time!

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