Things that make me say Hmm, part 3.

We saw a sign for a pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Lions club. Smokey remarked that it would be more appropriate for them to serve steak. Raw. I one-upped him by pointing out that zebra steaks would be even more suitable for the Lions.

* * * * *

Other witticisms: after seeing yet another Geico commercial, Smokey wondered aloud how they pay the gecko. I said, “Scale,” and he erupted in laughter. Sadly, I did not realize my reply was a pun.

* * * * *

A friend gave her 7-yo grandson a cat for Christmas. G’son named it Cuddle Cakes. (I don’t say Hmm at this one; I say Right on! and Yay, kittehs! and LOL at the name. Best name EVAH for a kitteh.)

* * * * *

I just unfriended two people on Facebook, not because of their outrageous political views, but because they died in 2017. I fear that this may constitute a new annual tradition for me.

* * * * *

Smokey suggested that, instead of Thelma and Louise (or Red Team and Blue Team), we could have named them Huey and Bobby, in honor of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, founders of the Black Panthers. Presumably his suggestion was inspired by me occasionally referring to Louise as Panther Princess. (Yes, Chris, I stole that from you and Mayhem.)

* * * * *

Smokey is not a meeting person at all, but he consents to attend the monthly Dems meetings with me. What makes it worse is that I am co-chair this year and will be running some meetings; I need to develop the skill to keep a meeting moving along. After this month’s meeting I joked that he needed that novelty pen he had years ago with the thingie that floated back and forth in the liquid-filled barrel. By the next morning he had bought these on eBay:


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5 Responses to Things that make me say Hmm, part 3.

  1. Cuddle Cakes is a fantastic name!! I love it. I also love your pen and the fact that it was a gift!

  2. Nicole says:

    I used to have a whole pile of those novelty pens! They were a favorite souvenir from travel — both mine, and other people who brought back gifts.

    Cuddle Cakes is an awesome kitteh name. 🙂

  3. Kat with a K says:

    I also laughed at “scale”

    Great ones!

  4. Kym says:

    I LOVED those pens when I was a kid! I used to buy them as souvenirs whenever we traveled. (Nostalgia overload. . . )

  5. Becky says:

    Cuddlecakes for the win. My favorite line for chairing a meeting is “would anyone like to make a motion to…” people want to help move things along but they don’t always realize they are the ones who need to do it.

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