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Five in five, 1/30/2018

My friend Jocelyn is doing this in an effort to get herself writing again. Her rules are that she must write about five things for five minutes; then she allows herself to edit for five more. It sounded like fun, so … Continue reading

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Someday I will actually knit this luscious stuff. And other links.

I hate when that happens. Are you kidding me? Too beautiful to use. They’re not gonna knit themselves, either. This is one extreme yarnbomber. ‘Tis good to have an assistant. Scarf. A sock ruler — genius! Super Bowl stitching.

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Links and chains, chains and links.

As a person who goes to a lot of meeting, I loved this idea. Mutual aid and working class solidarity. Modern Greek mythology story. Everyone’s a critic. Next time you are in an art museum…

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For your amusement.

I was supposed to be at a tax training class today (ditto yesterday) but we are snowed in (at least 6″ of the white stuff) and waiting for our plow guy to release us. We amuse ourselves in various ways, … Continue reading

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Knitting can be dastardly.

Camouflage knitting.

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Sometimes the link photo refuses to yield a title.

It’s our own fault. via #Paintback transforms swastika graffiti. Her guardian angel gave it to her.

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3 on Thursday, 1/18/18.

Smokey had a VA appointment in Minneapolis today so I went along. Usually when we make this trip we have dinner with Younger Son, but he had other plans so we just came back home afterward. Three things I would … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 1/17/18.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveling. I am finding the Stitch hat to be impossibly much more difficult challenging than I expected. I mean, how could a hat on US#0s that has both intarsia and stranded colorwork be impossible so freakin’ hard … Continue reading

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Yves the cat.

This is a cat unlike any cat I have ever been owned by or encountered. He just sits there, unperturbed, watching with bored interest whatever his assistant (sometimes referred to, erroneously, as “owner”) does to him. A commenter once asked … Continue reading

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Knittin’ the mitten.

Paint drip scarf. Lawyers take up knitting. Gone fishin’. Want a bird on your lapel? Tidy edges on your knitting: a tutorial. Discuss in the comments.

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