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Sparkly, rusty links for a week before Christmas.

Floating bookstore. Best of friends! Discuss among yourselves. Revenge! Why the women’s costumes in Wonder Woman are fabulous. Reblogging. Local story. Not a local story. Links from Chris. Facebook being a dick (again). Oh, it just got *ALL* kinds of … Continue reading

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3 6TT.

Three things I like about the holiday season: The lights. Here in the dark and frozen North, anything with lights is welcome. The festive feeling. Sadly, I find very little of that feeling welling up inside me. It’s not that … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday.

Annual warm clothing drive time here. I also made a pair of fingerless gloves for my amputee friend. She can wear them when she goes outside in her wheelchair for a cigarette. Smoke breaks are cold here in Wisconsin winters. … Continue reading

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You just never know when yarn will come in handy.

I bought a couple pairs of Dansko clogs ($31 on Amazon! Normally >$100! Score!) this fall. One pair is large enough that I can wear my normal half-sole arch supports in them, but the other is one metric size smaller. … Continue reading

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Lacy links.

A sweet story. “Style matters, and cute brings you out in an unsightly rash.” Sheep buttons. Me, too. Knit like this, not like this. How to buy yarn for a knitter.

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What’s happening? Not much.

Not much to say, but I feel like I should post something. I have learned from experience, however, that if I have photos the post(s) write themselves. Here goes… Elder Son and GF have unpacked nearly all their books. That … Continue reading

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Wooden you like some links?

Oh, my. What would you swear on? Adulthood, described. Eyeballs FTW! Custody battle. This is for my fellow grammar punctuation Nazis. Links from Chris. Cheetahs purr. Meghan Markle was always awesome. Emotional baggage.

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Unraveled Wednesday.

Joining Kat and friends to talk about knitting and reading. I did a bit of unraveling since I last posted about knitting. I brioched that cowl to within an inch of its life and never got more than an inch … Continue reading

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Losing at NaNoBloMo but winning at life.

  I managed to blog every day in November… until the last two days. I had just returned from a long Thanksgiving weekend in New Mexico and was catching up on life. (This is why I do not do KALs … Continue reading

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Dawn of another knitting links day.

Another kind of lace. Socks for the winos among us. For the cross stitch aficionados among us. Tidy left-leaning decreases. via For the crocheters: how to make an argyle scarf via the color pooling of variegated yarn “Sometimes it … Continue reading

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