Bolting the links.

chain w bolt.jpg

This is just wrong.

This would be sooo appropriate here in Polk County.

Texting for seniors: a lesson.

Window seat envy.

The Beatles had no f***s to give.

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

Winter is beautiful.

Merry Christmas, Steve!

Self-improvement 101.

Keep your dog safe.

Lake effect snow, explained.

How to ask questions at public events.

Links from Chris.

In honor of the current frigid weather across the country: “[I]f it doesn’t look like you gained 30 pounds it is not a winter coat.”


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4 Responses to Bolting the links.

  1. Oh the mom texts got me thinking! i use exclamation points all the time.
    The snow images were like nothing i’ve seen before. (gasp)

  2. gayle says:

    As if your links alone weren’t enough to send me down multiple rabbit holes, you had to go and include Chris’s, too…
    And happy snow days to you and yours. (So much resonating going on with those snowy links!)

  3. k says:

    The best links ever! And I haven’t even gotten to Chris yet. So now, my plan is to bundle up in wool things and read HHGG.
    I have to admit, I leave periods off of texts, because I’m not sure how they will read. Texts are hard! But on the other hand, I’ve gotten into the habit of before-bed text sessions with a best friend on the Coast. Nice, casual, day-to-day stuff. Makes the relationship live.

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