Sparkly, rusty links for a week before Christmas.

chain rusty w sparkles

Floating bookstore.

Best of friends!

Discuss among yourselves.


Why the women’s costumes in Wonder Woman are fabulous.


Local story.

Not a local story.

Links from Chris.

Facebook being a dick (again).

Oh, it just got *ALL* kinds of motherfuckin’ festive around here.

The best Christmas movies (according to someone).

Canada, you goof.

A different view of the Cinderella story.

One man’s cure for insomnia.

“Mixed media projects about staying warm.”

Can you stand some more endearingly sweet animal-human photos?

Cat & chipmunk.

Open borders.

Merry Christmas!

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6 Responses to Sparkly, rusty links for a week before Christmas.

  1. Love the floating bookstore! I will be back to go over all the links later

  2. gayle says:

    So much treasure here! James Garfield always makes me cry, but “Warm Canada” made me laugh so hard I have to go change my clothes…

  3. You had me at cats n dogs sleeping together

  4. k says:

    Minneapolis has a river or two. And lakes! This could happen! (not that I live there.)
    I need a baby elephant. A baby elephant that needs me. “People, people needing Dumbos, – nope. doesn’t scan.

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