You just never know when yarn will come in handy.

I bought a couple pairs of Dansko clogs ($31 on Amazon! Normally >$100! Score!) this fall. One pair is large enough that I can wear my normal half-sole arch supports in them, but the other is one metric size smaller. Not enough room. I need the arches (old age ain’t for sissies!) — what to do?


Happily, I had also purchased some other arch supports to try out. They came with adhesive tape, but most of the reviewers on Amazon decried it for not working.

First, I tried rubber cement. It lasted one wearing. Actually, not even one wearing; the sole of the clog is curved, and the glue didn’t hold at the front and back corners.


Goop to the rescue! Smokey is the King of Adhesives; this is what he recommended from his large assortment of such things.

There was still the problem of holding the arch support in place while the goop dried. Smokey recommend clamps, and I improvised for the front corner, where it was too difficult to fit in the clamp.


Yarn to the rescue!

It all worked swimmingly… for about three wearings. Then the goop let loose ,and the arch supports were no longer fastened to the sole. Maybe I will just give up and let them slide around*

And that is your update of theĀ minutiae of my life.

* Actually, they kinda sorta stay in place well enough.

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7 Responses to You just never know when yarn will come in handy.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    So, I have been pondering this post a bit, and wonder if you could not glue the arch support under the insole rather than on top? And, I love that yarn is useful in more ways than you could imagine! Ha!

  2. k says:

    How about staples?

  3. gayle says:

    Reason enough to buy more yarn, eh?

  4. Dansko. every nurses favorite

  5. Nicole says:

    I dunno how you did that. I would be freaking out having my yarn so close to glue…

  6. AJ says:

    So obviously we all need lots of yarn to help in these situations!

  7. Kym says:

    Tom, also, swears by Goop. I’m surprised it didn’t hold. . . (And YAY for yarn!)

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